Kalamazoo Free Methodist Church Responds Through Prayer and Begins Streaming

Written by Pastor Gary Goodsell. Feel free to contact him at:   Kalamazoo Free Methodist Church (KFM) is a church of about 100 members located in an urban setting. We are located at the intersections of three neighborhoods just south … Read More


Victory Outreach Oxnard Reaches 4000 Each Weekend

  Written by Jose Rodriquez We are an inner city ministry focused on reaching families and individuals that have fallen to a life of drug addiction. We are currently a 700+ membership church in a mobile building. We’re currently looking … Read More


Your Story Could be Worth $200

Churches streaming services is one of the fastest growing areas of Kingdom expansion today. Gone are the days when you have to be a mega church with a full-time staff and $25,000 of equipment. Now you can stream if you’ve … Read More