MediaFusion + NewTek

MediaFusion announces its adoption of NewTek’s open Network Device Interface (NDI ™) at NAB.

6 Quick Things MediaFusion Can Do For You

Connect People Simultaneously & Manage Content

No longer do you need to bring people together in one space to connect. You can broadcast the message to your everyone and manage it from one place.

It's Simple

Bottom line: It just works. Turn it on. Stream an event. Share channels, workshops, training etc.

Collect, Edit & Manage All Your Content In One Location

With MediaFusion, it’s all in one place. You no longer have to remember which digital repository you put your content in.

Save Money - Lots of Money

Eliminate travel costs, logistical nightmares, save time and money by doing your events online. That way they keep a better work/life balance and everybody is happy.

Your Message On Any Device

MediaFusion works on any platform – any device. As easy integrations to the platform, we also offer branded apps for AppleTV, Amazon FireTV & Roku.

Not Taxing IT Staff

MediaFusion is secure and runs as your private cloud. There is no need to add additional hardware or software, but comes with a top-tier support team.

Media Fusion can be customized to fit any situation.
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The Best Platform. Period.

Media Fusion’s digital media platform gives you the tools you need to stream video and audio, store media for playback, and distribute video and audio content through your website, on mobile devices, or on set-top streaming devices.

We’ve engineered out platform with industry-leading technology. We use:

  • Akamai’s Content Delivery Network for live streaming
  • Wowza for transcoding
  • Amazon Web Services for storage

Our services are proven, reliable, and tailor-made to suit your needs. Our network has 99.9% uptime and you’ll feel safe knowing you’re using the same technology as ESPN, Netflix, and Apple.

You need a streaming service you can trust. We can help.


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Well Connected

We use the most innovative and reliable technology to power our platform. On top of that, integrations with many of the services you already use are built-in.

Top-Tier Technology


Our streaming services are powered by Akamai’s advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN). It’s capable of delivering high-quality video that adapts to each viewer’s bandwidth in real time.

Amazon Web Services

Rock-solid storage through Amazon Web Services means your media is always ready to download, distribute, and share.


The Wowza transcoding technology that’s part of Media Fusion is designed to provide the best video streaming quality, regardless of the device your viewer is using.

Amazon Fire TV

Every Media Fusion video streaming customer can broadcast to Amazon Fire TV set-top boxes. Branded and custom apps are also available.


Media Fusion’s streaming video plans all include the ability to stream to Roku set-top boxes. We also build branded and custom Roku channels.


Our seamless integration with iTunes means you can easily publish your content to their podcast directory.


Our YouTube integration lets you push content to your own channel without downloading and uploading files.


Our Vimeo support lets you get content to your channel and in front of your viewers quickly.

7 million videos have been streamed with Media Fusion!
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