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You want to record a classroom and have the media connect to the class. You want to stream an event and have people “just watch it”. Faculty want to be able to record simple learning objects and get them to their students. Many of “the big guys” have “media” components to them which are clunky and require additional support. They are learning management systems with media components. We’re a media company that works like an LMS.

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Simplify online learning with a single solution for capturing classroom lectures, storing them in the cloud, then publishing them to your LMS. A streamlined workflow means students spend less time waiting, instructors are more focused on teaching, and staff can automate processes more easily.


Your resources are precious and so is your time. Media Fusion gives you more of both by providing a single solution to stream, store, and share your audio and visual media. You don’t have to spend time and money maintaining separate systems. Use Media fusion to stream, store, and share your digital media.

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