Andy and Missy Ivankovich are at the helm of MediaFusion. He’s the innovation and she’s the execution to make it happen. Meet Andy and Missy, and hear how MediaFusion became a reality.

How they met: At Eastern Nazarene College in Quincy, Massachusetts. The school was minutes from Boston, where Missy grew up. But it was a longer hike for Andy. Originally from Central Florida, his service in the Air Force brought him to Alaska. After four years there, he headed to the Northeast to complete his education. She studied education and he studied business, and they met through student government at Eastern Nazarene.

Their family today: Andy and Missy have four children — daughter Mia, sons Aaron and Joshua (twins) and 15-month-old son Kyle (Says Missy, “The surprise of my life!”). They also have a Newfoundland dog named Apollo.

Texas Strong: After college, Andy and Missy took jobs in Boston in the insurance industry, but always planned to head to Texas. Andy was offered a position with a major financial services corporation, known for their reputation for quality customer service and cutting-edge technology. He accepted, and the two headed to San Antonio, which is still home today.

Before MediaFusion: Missy was an elementary school teacher with a master’s in math education and spent nine years in the classroom. Andy climbed the corporate ladder, becoming an executive in his early 30s and advancing quickly, moonlighting to launch Upper Room Technologies (MediaFusion’s parent company). But his heart to serve the faith community with technology was strong, and he transitioned from employee to consultant — a shift that gave Andy and Missy the flexibility and resources to be missional in growing Upper Room.

MediaFusion’s first days: One month before their twins were born, Andy launched Upper Room Technologies. Missy, now a stay-at-home mom with their daughter and twin sons, offered to handle the books while the kids were napping. “After all,” Missy says, “they take two naps a day!” It wasn’t long before she also took on business operations.

About their ministry connection: Andy and Missy are members of Oak Hills Church, where Max Lucado is the lead pastor. Andy spent a year and a half after his work at USAA as a consultant in operations and Executive Pastor at the church, getting down in the weeds of running a megachurch and gaining a distinct perspective on the unique challenges ministries face — a perspective he puts into play when innovating for MediaFusion.

Their biggest business decision: In 2007, Upper Room Technologies built “Groups Interactive,” a social platform for church small groups. But as Facebook grew in its reach, the platform became prohibitively expensive to maintain. So Andy and Missy were faced with a choice: close Upper Room’s doors, or build something else? As they were making this decision, Bible Study Fellowship approached them with a request to re-engineer Groups Interactive for their groups’ needs. This marked their transition to professional services in the ministry field. “We realized we were solving the same problem over and over, particularly the video distribution platform problem,” Missy says. “So we decided to create a product that would allow us to solve all these problems at a cheaper rate.” That product? MediaFusion.

When they’re not at MediaFusion: “As a family, we enjoy travel and love to just get out and go,” Missy says, “even if it’s just a day trip.” Favorite spots? Hawaii, as well as beaches closer to home, like South Padre Island.

Favorite restaurant: Andy and Missy love O’Brien’s Restaurant on Highway 46, “this little place that has the most awesome food and music. We’ll grab a babysitter and head out there for a glass of wine and steak.”

Favorite San Antonio coffee shop: Local Coffee

Books they love: The latest biography by David McCullough — recently, it’s The Wright Brothers.

TV favorites: No fighting over the remote at the Ivankovich home. Andy and Missy unanimously love CNBC’s The Profit. “We like Shark Tank, but The Profit gives us tangible things to work on in the business,” Missy adds.

Their hearts for those they serve: “MediaFusion was born out of vision and passion. We’re dedicated to the church, we’re dedicated to spreading the gospel,” Missy says. “We believe that in 2015 the way to do that is online. We’re committed to getting every church that wants to be online, online. We’re committed to making it happen.”

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