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As Media Fusion continues to evolve, we’re excited to share with you a new partnership with a major player in online content delivery for churches and ministries. The Church Online Platform, a digital mission of, is a free tool to help churches launch online ministries. The platform provides streaming integration, chat tools, behind-the-scenes admin controls, and tech support. It’s completely free, and so far, more than 7,000 churches have signed up.

How it Works

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To stream video using the Church Online Platform requires a third-party streaming provider. Media Fusion  works with Church Online. Many streaming services charge $1.00/GB to stream. You can save nearly 75% from what you’re currently paying to gain access our Akamai CDN for as low as $.09 per GB. And there are no contracts.


Great Integration

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Media Fusion is one of only a few streaming platforms that are integrated and approved partners with Churchonline. The Churchonline platoform serves thousands of churches and plays seamlessly with Media Fusion. Kyle Kutter from LifeChurch explains how this benefits ChurchOnline and LifeChurch subscribers

“At, we believe the local church is the hope of the world—that’s why we’re equipping churches everywhere to do online ministry through the Church Online Platform. Media Fusion really shares that heart and vision, and I believe that’s why they’re working to provide churches with a reliable, cost-effective streaming service.” — Kyle Kutter, Church to Church Leader,

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